Our blue eyed boy!

A chinese lion statue


My name is Frazzle (aka Angus), I joined the mad house last Saturday. I am a snow spot Bengal and Carol loves my blue eyes. I have settled in very well after a few wee fights and have decided I quite like my new home. Although I am called Frazzle (partly in honour of my grandpa Dazzle), I also answer to Angus, cause I have the same nature as my big old brother Fergus. I am a very affectionate wee boy and love a big cuddle. I hope you enjoy my photos:

Frazzles first week

30/11/07:- Today is a very exciting day for me, I am going to be let out for the first time since I arrived in Glasgow. I had already been used to being outside so I am looking forward to burning off all my energy chasing birds and mice! Photos of my first day outside will be posted here:-

Frazzles first day of freedom