Scottish Cat Club Show

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On 9th February 2008, young Weesams Kinninvie (aka Millie) did herself proud in Clydebank at the All Breed Championship. She not only one her Open class as best Norwegian Forest Female Kitten, but picked up Best of Breed and 2nd in the All Varieties Semi Long Haired category (beating 4 Ragdolls and a Maine Coon). The last time she came up against Ragdolls she got nothing so she is a very clever girl.

Click here to see some photos of Millie showing off her rewards.

At the same show her daddy, Kjaerligkatt Joshua Tree (Josh) won his fourth CC as best Norwegian Forest Male and Best of Breed, beating his daughter Weesams Abbi (Kinninvies half sister) who had one won her first CC as best Norwegian Forest Female. Congratulations to Christine, because as well as all three of her Norwegians taking honours, her stunning Egyptian Mau, Pollystar Zephyr picked up another CC. Sam, Christines son, will be doing the dishes for a week after Abbi was beaten by Josh because Abbi is his girl.

A great day was had, with Millie, once again being totally chilled and quite enjoying the attention. Carol and I enjoyed a lovely lunch at Singers in Clydebank. Millie is off to be neutered this month and will next be shown as a neuter adult as this was her last chance to show as a kitten. The next show is a short hair show so Frazzle and George will be appearing for the first time.